Fall Protection System

Cutting edge Safety at heights by Apogee Safety

Cutting edge safety at heights against gravity by APOGEE SAFETY

For many industries, working at height and any permitted sites is just another part of the job. That’s why Apogee Safety deals in most innovative products and customized solutions for working at height, confined space, height rescue, site isolations solutions, gas monitoring equipment and many more including Personal protective equipment to create a safe working. Whether you are looking for Anchors, Safety body wears, Connecting elements, Rescue systems, Confined systems, Gas monitoring systems, fall arrest systems etc we have complete range from world’s best technical equipment manufacturers. We have a team of engineers who continuously working in providing height safety solutions to customers.

We proudly represents few specialized brands In India including Pelsue-USA who since 1963, has been enabling safe and productive work environments throughout the world. With a strong tradition of service, quality, and value, Pelsue is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of customized solutions for telecommunications, utilities, and other industries.


Our Other Specializations

Customized Cost Effective Solutions

Height safety confined & rescue customized solutions by qualified & trained engineers to meet job applications requirements.


Training & Certifications

Height safety and rescue trainings by experts.

Onsite Testing Facilities

Onsite Installed height safety system and structure load testing's

Fall Protection and Maintenance/Installation Services

Proactive maintenance services of height safety systems and PPE's

Presenting world’s Best Fall Protection Trusted Brands

With our history of innovation and excellence, we offers to our customers the quality products, expertise and service of the trusted Fall Protection brands of the world. With our Fall Protection and safety equipment, you can help elevate your employees’ safety and comfort to new heights.